Andrew Anastasios and Andrew Knight have recently co-written the feature film The Water Diviner. The project involved two years of trawling through war diaries, soldiers’ letters and war memorial records, in an office above a cafe in Melbourne. It also required spending a month travelling the Aegean coast of Turkey – there’s no hardship they won’t endure for historical accuracy. Their Gallipoli epic has been directed and stars Russell Crowe, and is due for release on Boxing Day, 2014.

Andrew Anastasios (born 9 March, 1966, Melbourne Australia)

Less a career and more a dog’s breakfast, Andrew’s working life began in archaeology. Armed with a Masters in History and Archaeology from the University of Melbourne and a trowel from the local hardware store, he worked extensively on excavations throughout the Middle East and Turkey.Having failed to locate the Ark of the Covenant, and on the brink of starvation because of the lousy pay, it was time for Andrew to find a proper job. Instead he began working as a freelance writer. He had a weekly interview-based column in The Age newspaper, Australia’s premium daily broadsheet, and was a regular contributor to Vogue Living.

After completing two books, he turned his attention to advertising, lured by the brevity. He completed Award School – an industry run ad course – and is guilty of developing product names, positioning statements, press campaigns, TV and radio ads and marketing material for clients as diverse as Australian Taxation Office, Tourism Victoria, Fosters Group, Honda, Ford, ANZ, Thirsty Camel, State Trustees, VicRoads, Cancer Council, Brookfield Multiplex and Tasmanian Salmon.

When Andrew was asked to create an ad campaign for apartments built on the site of an Agent Orange factory he knew it was time for a career rethink.

In Andrew’s latest career iteration he has a Diploma in TV and Video Production and works as a scriptwriter and researcher for film and television. More recently he has been Script Editor and Script-coordinator across the series of Jack Irish telemovies, starring Guy Pearce. Andrew is currently Co-producer on the third of these, Dead Point, and co-writing the fourth, White Dog. He is the Associate Producer on the recent adaptation of Peter Temple’s Broken Shore.

Andrew has recently co-written the feature film The Water Diviner with Andrew Knight and they are about to begin work on writing another feature that remains a mystery (even to them).

Andrew’s third book, Dying to Know, has sold nearly 50,000 copies in the UK and Australia. For research he bought a cremation plot in a local cemetery but has yet to have need of it.

Dot Points:

– Co-writer and Executive Producer for The Water Diviner, forthcoming feature film by Hopscotch Films

–  Co-Producer for Dead Point (Essential Media/ABC Tele-movies from Peter Temple novel)

– Associate Producer for Broken Shore (Essential Media/ABC Tele-movies from Peter Temple novel)

– Researcher for Tripping Over (Channel 10 Australia/ Channel 5 UK co-production)

– Script Editor for Bad Debts, Black Tide, Broken Shore and Dead Point (Essential Media/ABC Tele-movies from Peter Temple novels)

– Script Coordinator for Bad Debts and Black Tide (Essential Media/ABC Tele-movies)

­– Researcher for War of Words (Gallipoli Doco), for Essential Media (proposed)

– Researcher and Copywriter for TV Commercials and marketing scripts for Save Water-Save Energy, Honda, Fosters, Tasmanian Salmon, ANZ Bank, Brookfield-Multiplex and Federation Square

Irrelevant but more interesting

– A colourful family tree of vagabonds including a convict, a bushranger, a WW1 soldier, a water diviner, a blues singer and a sly-grog merchant

– Andrew is a closet archer and philatelist

– Married in a crusader fortress in Turkey in 1997

CONTACT: Needeya Islam, CAMERON’S MANAGEMENT       Phone: (02) 9319 7199  International: +61 2 9319 7199

* Disclaimer: Andrew Anastasios is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons either living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Although based on actual events, incidents and timelines have been changed for dramatic impact.


Andrew Knight

Andrew has been involved with more than 12 Australian feature films and written, produced or executive produced more than 1,000 hours of television.His writing and producing success is all the more notable for his ability to shift effortlessly from comedy to major drama. At various points in his career Andrew has enjoyed writing and producing the top rating drama, comedy, mini and ‘Live’ programs in Australia. He and his shows have won some 48 industry awards.

In 1989, Knight co-founded the company Artist Services and was its Creative Director. This landmark organisation quickly became the top production house in the country, signing the biggest output deal in Australian television history.  Artist Services went on to produce a string of successful television series for both free-to-air and cable television.  In 1998 Artist Services was sold to Granada Television and Andrew remained with the company as its Creative Director.

In 2000, Andrew with Andrea Denholm, formed Cornerstore Films which has gone on to produce three major television series.

His credits include:

– Co-creator, writer and executive producer of three seasons of the highest ever rating Australian television drama series, SeaChange

– Co-creator and writer of Rake, a series for ABC that is going to series in the US

– Producer and writer of the mini-series and multi award winning television mini-series, After the Deluge

– Co-writer of the feature Spotswood starring Anthony Hopkins and Russell Crowe

– Producer and writer of the telemovie Jack Irish-Bad Debts, starring Guy Pearce

– Producer and writer of The Broken Shore, an adaptation of the award-winning book for ABC

– Co-writing with John Clarke two series of the ABC Comedy Drama, The Fast Lane

– Head Writer and script executive on two series of the groundbreaking D-Generation for the ABC and later the Seven Network

– Co-writer on the feature Spotswood starring Anthony Hopkins and Russell Crowe

– Executive Producer/Co-writer of the multi-award winning Siam Sunset which was selected for the Critics Fortnight at Cannes and won first prize at the Hawaiian and Korean Film Festivals

– Executive producer of the features The Sound of One Hand Clapping and Dead Letter Office

– Executive producer, producer and head writer for four series of the highly successful Fast Forward sketch comedy series for the Seven Network.

– Executive Producer and writer of Full Frontal a follow up sketch program

– Executive Producer, two series of the The Shaun Micallef Pogrom.

– Executive Producer of two series of the comedy program, Jimeon

– Executive producer for the tonight show, Tonight Live

– Co-producer of the ABC mini-series Simone de Beauvoir’s Babies

– Co-writer and executive producer of the mini series Kangaroo Palace, at the time, the highest rating mini-series.

– Executive producer of the mini-series and television movie, My Brother Jack

– Writer/Executive Producer of the acclaimed mini-series Tripping Over made for the Ten Network in Australia and Channel Five in England. 


Andrew Knight has an Arts Degree from a University that now regrets giving it to him. He has extensive experience as a hippie. He has lectured extensively in screen writing. He has no discernible interests and has three children as a consequence.

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