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Wow, a lot of Australians have seen The Water Diviner over the weekend – not quite as many as have been Hobbiting but still I think we ended up being fourth most popular film on Boxing Day behind three Hollywood flicks and have had sessions sold out all over the country. So I hope you all enjoyed it.

I haven’t seen the figures from December 26 in Turkey yet but here is a recent article from Zaman (Today) newspaper in Istanbul where I have a crack at explaining the thinking behind, and the genesis of, a number of the scenes. Hope your Turkish is good! It should be available in English in a day or two. When it is, I’ll post it.

While we were sitting in air-conditioned comfort munching popcorn some genuine water diviners in Western Australia were doing what they do best. For tips on how to water douse and some provocative explanations for the phenomena, click here for a Sydney Morning Herald article from earlier today. Like I’ve always said, I’d be as sceptical as the next bloke if my grandfather Keith Liston hadn’t been a water diviner in NSW for 40-50 years. I’ve seen him do it, and seen the wells and bores he’s dug.

Keith Liston water diviner

Keith Liston water diviner