For years I have watched Margaret and David (for OS friends who don’t know them click here), seeing them dissect and debate, enthuse and rhapsodise, and wondering if I would ever see something I was involved in on their program. This week, while I was in Istanbul for the premiere so I didn’t see it go to air, they reviewed The Water Diviner in their very last show. So I just snuck in. After 11 years of scribbling in the dark, Margaret and David are calling it a day with their iconic program “At the Movies”. They have been our passionate guides as well as staunch ambassadors and advocates for Australian film and will be missed. See you guys and thank you.

On twitter my favourite farewell message to them was from Alicia Paterson: Last #AtTheMovies tonight. Like being at a wedding reception, having fun, but wondering if the happy couple really made the right decision.

Russell Crowe paid tribute to them also, saying, “I love watching your show. I love how passionate you are about film. You’ve given so much … and I want to thank you.”

Margaret and David’s review of The Water Diviner can be seen here.