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News from Burbank California. For all our North American friends who have been asking when they’ll be able to see Russell Crowe’s directorial debut, I’m excited to say that The Water Diviner has been picked up by Warner Bros. and is slated for cinemas on the 24th April, 2015. See the Warner Bros. announcement here and Hollywood Reporter, Deadline and Variety.

The date might sound a bit random for non-Aussies but it is an incredibly auspicious and meaningful one for we Antipodeans. It is the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli invasion of Turkey by Australian and Allied troops. (See information about the 100th Anniversary Commemorations here). As the curtains are drawn on The Water Diviner in cinemas across the US, our dawn services marking the 100th anniversary will be under way here in Melbourne, across the country, and on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

The deal was announced by Brett Ratner of RatPac at the American Film Market yesterday. He and James Packer are our Executive Producers along with Andrew Knight, John Collee and Kerry Stokes. The film’s producer’s are Andrew Mason, Troy Lum and Keith Roger. For the full cast and crew see IMDB.