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Seven is one of those meaningful numbers that appears and reappears in history. The Seven Hills of Rome (and Constantinople), Seven Sages of Greece, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Days, Seven Seas, Seven Continents, Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man. Not to mention 007 and the Magnificent Seven. So the recent news that Seven (that’s Seven West Media and Seven Group Holdings in Australia) has confirmed their investment in The Water Diviner is portentous.

It seems a great fit for Kerry Stokes, Seven Network’s Chairman too. He is on the Council of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, and has been helping keep some of Australia’s most significant war medals, such as Victoria Crosses, in Australia (at no small expense to himself I presume).


Victoria Cross for valour (Image source: Wikipedia.org)

I don’t know Kerry, so this is not a plug for a mate. I just think it’s a great philanthropic thing he’s been doing for the country. The prices these medal sets can bring at auction can be understandably high, and well beyond the resources of our public institutions. So for a citizen to take it upon themselves to chip in like that is to be admired.

There’s more detail on Seven’s interest in The Water Diviner here, from if.com.au, and Hollywood Reporter.