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It’s official. South Australia is sizzling hot, and not in the Hollywood hype way.  It has been over 40 degrees (celsius!) in Adelaide for 10 days running. One more makes it a record-breaking heatwave.  So not the sort of weather you want to be sitting up a windmill, ambushing trains, riding in a full suit on horseback or blowing things up.


(Source: smh.com.au)

Over January the production has been working in Burra and Quorn in South Australia’s scorching mid-North. Places you can literally cook an egg on the bonnet (that’s a hood in the northern hemisphere) of your car. So no one can say the cast members of The Water Diviner aren’t suffering for their art (it was 49.5 degrees on set last week).

The Age has some beautiful location shots here, and an interview with Russell Crowe on set. He jokes with the Courier Mail about journalists wanting to see him hit over the head with a log. The Advertiser was there for a continuous 20-minute take. Read more on that.