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Andrew Knight, my co-writer on The Water Diviner, is hopelessly self-effacing and refreshingly (for this industry) incapable of trumpeting his own achievements. Einstein’s theory of relativity personified, his creativity is inversely proportional to his ego. In any case it is left up to me, largely because I can’t bear his self-deprecating keening another moment, to tell everyone that earlier this month he won a gong from the Australian Writers’ Guild for his work on Rake. See Sydney Morning Herald newspaper coverage here. For anyone who hasn’t seen Rake, the program revolves around the bizarre (and hilarious) cases of debauched Sydney lawyer, Cleaver Greene (played by Richard Roxburgh). It has also been picked up by Fox Network in the US. That version stars Greg Kinnear and is screening this year. Season 3 of Rake Australia is airing on the ABC soon. Good work mate.