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For Die Hard diehards the word from Deadline and Sydney Morning Herald is that Jai Courtney has signed on for The Water Diviner. Here’s a bit of what Deadline had to say about his role.

“Courtney portrays Lt-Col Cecil Hilton, the smart, efficient soldier tasked with organizing the effort to identify the tens of thousands of soldiers killed at Gallipoli. He reluctantly allows Connors (an Australian father) to stay and look for his sons’ bodies.”

In a sense this character is where the story of The Water Diviner began. In 1920, the real “Hilton” wrote a letter to the war historian, Charles Bean, describing how an Australian father had come to Gallipoli looking for his son’s body. I showed the excerpt of the letter to Andrew Knight and immediately we became intrigued with this grieving dad. We built the story from there. There’s more about the seed of the idea in an earlier blog.

It will be great to see this talented bloke Jai playing alongside the other talented bloke.


The hardware is a little advanced for WW1 but you get the picture.

(Image from A Good Day to Die Hard, angel jackets.com)